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Healing in therapy includes emotional healing and mental health healing

Healing in Therapy | Letter from a Therapist

Letter from a therapist about what healing in therapy entails. How do you know if you’re on the path to healing in therapy? What is your therapist’s role? What is your role?

The image depicts a person sitting at a table with a notepad and pen, engaged in thoughtful contemplation about what to talk about in therapy. The image visually communicates the concept of finding topics to talk about in therapy, highlighting the importance of identifying meaningful areas of focus. It conveys the idea that therapy provides a space to address personal challenges, emotions, relationships, and self-growth. The person's posture and facial expression reflect their thoughtful consideration as they explore different aspects of their life that may be relevant to discuss in therapy.

What to talk about in therapy

Unsure what to talk about in therapy? Here’s a guide on how to get the most out of each session with ideas for therapy topics to discuss.

What is psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy? virtual counseling, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy in NYC for emotional healing

Psychodynamic Therapy

Interested in a therapeutic approach that goes beyond surface-level symptom relief and dives into the underlying roots of your challenges? In this blog post, we will geek out (in detail!) on all the aspects of psychodynamic therapy, a therapeutic approach that helps you uncover the underlying patterns, unresolved conflicts, and unconscious processes that may hold you back.

How to be emotionally available: Emotionally unavailable meaning, Emotionally unavailable signs , and Emotional walls

Step-by-step guide on how to be emotionally available

Whether you’re seeking deeper connections or navigating the complexities of dating and relationships, it is possible to become emotionally available and let those emotional walls down.

Emotional well and emotional well being

Emotional Wellness

What is emotional wellness? Common misconceptions. How your emotional well-being impacts your life. Self-reflection questions to learn about your level of emotional wellness​. Are you just surviving or are you thriving?

mild symptoms of dissociation. Emotional numbness. Emotional disconnect. Dissociation from emotions. Feeling emotionally numb.

What is Dissociation?

You feel emotionally numb. You are disconnected from yourself. You dissociate from reality. There are gaps in your memory & thought processes. You detach from your identity. If you experience any of these, you could be dissociating. Read this article to learn more about this psychological coping mechanism.


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