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“The journey to self-compassion and self-love looks different for everyone. For some, we may not even know who it is we are loving in the first place. 

You may wonder, “Who am I outside of my mistakes, my shortcomings, my tangible achievements, and my goals? Will I ever create a life worth living that goes beyond my anxieties, sadness, unresolved childhood trauma, inner childhoods, and losses?”

 It can be draining to continuously put your energy into momentarily being “okay” until the next crisis comes along. Acknowledging and accepting who you are while desiring and striving for self-improvement is possible.” 

Also speaks: Mandarin Chinese

Works with: Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Offering online therapy in New York

“I know starting therapy can be scary. Whether you’re recovering from past trauma or struggling with life transitions, I am here to guide and support you as you take this courageous step towards greater insight, self-discovery, and wholeness. I work with clients seeking to overcome a range of issues, including early life trauma, loneliness and isolation, relationship and attachment issues, demoralization and struggles with motivation, existential angst, immigration and identity issues, self-esteem issues, injury and illness, and more.”

Also speaks: Spanish

Works with: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Couples

Offering online therapy in New York & New Jersey

“Maybe you overachieve as a way to soothe your inner child wounds. You’ve come so far from the discontent in your family of origin, but inside, you still struggle with high-functioning anxiety, high-functioning depression, feeling broken, feeling emotionally numb, self-doubt, or maybe even past traumas. Perhaps you’ve been living with complex PTSD, and you don’t even know it. You want to move from internally surviving to thriving and you’re tired of being an insecure overachiever. There is so much more to everyone, you included, if you are willing to do the work and look within. If you’re curious about yourself and want to heal past pains that may unknowingly affect you now, let’s talk.”

Also speaks: Mandarin & Cantonese

Works with: Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Offering online therapy in New York, New Jersey & Washington DC

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