VI DONG, LMSW (she/her)

Asian therapy new york for attachment injury

Licensed in New York.

Hi, I’m Vi.

The journey to self-compassion and self-love looks different for everyone. For some, we may not even know who it is we are loving in the first place. 

You may wonder, “Who am I outside of my mistakes, my shortcomings, my tangible achievements, and my goals? Will I ever create a life worth living that goes beyond my anxieties, sadness, unresolved childhood trauma, inner childhoods, and losses?”

 It can be draining to continuously put your energy into momentarily being “okay” until the next crisis comes along. Acknowledging and accepting who you are while desiring and striving for self-improvement is possible.




Panic attacks, Performance anxiety, Agoraphobia

LGBTQIA, Gender identity & transgender health

Cultural adjustment

Attachment wounds related to dating, codependency, peer relationships, relationships

Women's issues


Life transitions (including parenting and coparenting)



Young Adults


My Approach

Working with me

I aim to foster a safe place for you to explore who you are and the kind of life you want to live so that we can help you move toward personal growth.

My therapeutic approach is goal-oriented and collaborative. I will help you develop insight into your own behavioral patterns and core beliefs. Together, we will explore and identify what growth, compassion, and change look like for you. I use various research-backed and evidence-based tools that empower you to become more grounded in your emotional world.

It’s important to me that you have an affirming space. We live in a challenging world with so many messages bombarded about who we should, can, and can’t be, who we are, what our skin color means, what norms our gender(s) should have, what a normative family/relationship should look like. In the space with me, we can unpack all of this together. We’ll sort out the emotional struggles and help you become more gracious and forgiving towards yourself and your past.

Education & Training

Master of Social Work, New York University (2020)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Georgia (2016)

Deconstructing the Gender Binary, Ackerman Institute for the Family (2022)

Emotionally Focused Therapy: Attachment Science in Practice with Sue Johnson (2022)

About Me

My personal philosophy is based highly on the values of knowing ourselves through introspective exploration, authentically connecting with other people, and building a holistic support system and sense of self. I spend a lot of my own time furthering my knowledge. I am always open to deeper connections within my existing community and hope for the same type of emotional security for my clients.

These elements are what I practice and continue to expand upon as a therapist and a person. I am Chinese. I immigrated from Qingdao in 2005. I grew up in Georgia and relocated to NYC in 2016. My Han Chinese cultural background is extremely important to me. I am also queer and am in active community with other queer folks in NYC. My personal journey in navigating various relationships and communities while maintaining a sense of individuality is core to me.

I enjoy reading, painting, astrology, visiting art museums, and doing Pilates. I am also passionate about social justice and community building.

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